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What do I do if I find a dead genet in Ibiza?

18 April 2024

As sad as it may seem, it is not unusual for genets (Genetta genetta isabelae) to be run over on the island of Eivissa. As it is an animal with nocturnal habits and roads are in themselves elements that fragment ecosystems, two ingredients come together that have a fatal result for this emblematic and unknown species (one could almost say in equal parts) of the fauna of the island of Ibiza.

The Eivissa genet, Genetta genetta isabelae (Delibes 1977) is an endemic subspecies that is the only mesocarnivore inhabiting the island, after the extinction of the marten (Martes foina, Erxleben 1777, García et al 2008).

At present, the degree of vulnerability of the genet to potential threats (habitat fragmentation, climate change, variation in food availability, trampling, snake invasion, urbanisation, etc.) is not yet known. However, the general impression at local level, and this is with permission of the lack of recent scientific studies covering the different areas of the island to be sampled, is that in the last decades the genet population seems to have increased from the minimum values it must have reached during the last century, when hunting was allowed.

ibiza genet run overInfographic by Lara Abascal to inform about the ongoing collection of corpses.

Based on the current situation and the lack of recent information on the Eivissa genet, it is necessary to advance in the knowledge of this endemic subspecies, which is also an important part of the terrestrial ecosystem of the island. To this end, Nova Falcons is collaborating in the collection of carcasses, mainly from roadkill, which can later be used to further study the biometrics of the species, its diet, degree of dispersion, etc.

run over of genet ibiza

genet ibiza gentta genetta isabelaeTwo different specimens of genets run over in the Ibiza island.

This collection of carcasses, which has no external funding and has no commercial purpose, is a first step towards continuing to provide information on this important species of our local ecosystem, while at the same time, if possible, giving a minimum of meaning to the death of roadkill specimens.


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