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Scientific ringing in Eivissa.

24 September 2022

A few days ago, we were lucky enough to have a field training day with Oscar García, from the Societat Ornitológica de Menorca (SOM).

The day consisted of assembling and disassembling the nets, removing the birds that fall into them without causing them any kind of damage; how to carry out the ringing and the correct way to process the information they give us, which is recorded together with the ring number of each bird.

This day is part of an internal training plan, with a view to laying the technical foundations to help launch non-profit projects related to ornithology and conservation in the environment of Eivissa and Formentera.

This first day in the field with nets, different from other trapping systems we usually use, was done with only 30 metres of nets and during 4 hours. However, this did not prevent us from learning about local and migrant species, such as the Melanocephalan warbler (Melanocephala warbler), blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla), reed warbler (Acrocephlus scirpaceus) and house sparrow (Passer domesticus).

Completing training as a bander is a slow process that requires a lot of will and desire. But if we take into account the environmental importance of scientific ringing in particular, and ornithology in general for the environment and its conservation, it is undoubtedly worthwhile to do our bit so that ornithological projects can be set up in the Pitiusas Islands, which do not exist today. Partly due to the lack of qualified personnel, and partly due to the eternal lack of resources.

Without further ado, we share some photos of the day:

japanese networks ibiza

scientific ringing Ibiza

training day on scientific ringing Ibiza

biometric data

midiendo tarso

curruca melanocephala Ibiza

acrocephalus scirpaceus Ibiza

sylvia atricapilla Ibiza


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